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Sozo Integrative Medicine

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Laboratory Testing


Lab tests are paid for by yourself online  or by phone through your insurance or you can submit to your insurance after paying cash to the lab. Cash pay prices are reasonable. HSA accounts can be used also.

Boston Heart Diagnostics , True Health Diagnostics & Spectracell Labs  : For general screening of cardio-metabolic-endocrine health. It's  an amazing screening looking at cholesterol particle numbers, inflammation markers, thyroid, hormones, etc.

Medicare and  supplements covers 100%. Aetna and Cigna prices vary according to your plan details.  Most other insurances the price for the full panel is under $200.


Genova Diagnostics  and ZRT labs One day Hormone saliva: blood spot, or urine test

GI Effects, Nutrival, Microbiome health.  Co-pays are given to you before you do the lab.

Cyrex Labs & Genova Diagnostics and Vibrant America: For food allergy/sensitivity testing.

Doctors Data: for finger stick Gluten Sensitivity: $80 plus the visit

90 food sensitivity and allergy  tests cost between $199-375 depending on your insurance plus the visit​

Vibrant America: Intestinal health stool samples checking the status of your microbiome and looking for parasites, candida, bacteria and virus causing inflammation in your body. Cost is approximately 200$ with insurance and $300 without for most of the intestinal tests.

These lab tests do not include the office visit cost.