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Sozo Integrative Medicine

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if my insurance doesn't pay Sozo? 

Do you offer discounted health consultations?

For those doing full time missionary work, Katie is offering a discount. 

If you have financial difficulties but want to be seen,

Katie will work with you on the consult fee. Supplements are discounted about 50% less than most Providers which adds to your savings and consult fees are significantly lower than most Integrative medicine Providers because I want to  make this type of medicine more affordable. 

What is the process to be seen for the first time?

1. Make an appointment for either a 15 minute information phone consult, OR a 30 minute initial consult and obtain lab orders.

2. Your initial office visit will be at least one hour and more likely two because there is a lot to review.

    - Have available copies of your old labs from the past 3 years either on paper or on your phone.

     - Have a copy of all your supplements and please write down the name, company and how often you take them

     - Katie will do an exam and run some in-home tests

     - Katie will design a personal plan and likely order some outside lab tests

    - You will pay cash/credit card for the visit at the end of the visit


3. Follow up visit

     - Typically you will need to be seen again 2 weeks after all your lab tests are drawn and to adjust your supplements. We could do this over Skype/phone if preferred.

     - Because Integrative Medicine is not usually a "quick fix" type of medicine but works to heal the root causes, this does take time, which means several follow up visits throughout the year and a lot of hard work on your part to change lifestyle habits.  This will be a great investment in your present and future health!